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Our Story

Growing up we were both raised around farming. Jake's family raised cattle and Mallory's grew wheat. We were both raised to work hard in a small farming community.

We attended college, got married, purchased our first home and instantly craved more space than our small city square. We purchased a few cows which are kept on the family farm. We sold our first home and purchased our home down the lane - an acre down a half mile long dirt lane. Here we started a larger garden and got a few chickens.

If you have heard of chicken math then you know what happened to us. We went from 4 chickens to 16 in 1 year... we have talked about getting bees and Mal would love to do a garden expansion.

Mallory loves DIY and woodworking which sparked her opening her Etsy shop in 2013 and sharing handmade goods for your home. Jake is a jack of all trades and has learned plumbing, electrical and more. We can't wait to see what the future hold and where it will take us!

- The Pups of the Lane - 

Heeler/ Australian Cattle Dog
Born August 2013
Black Labrador Retriever
Born May 2014
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