Local pick-up is available in the Treasure Valley on Wednesdays at the Meridian Lowe's!

Our Story

Growing up we were both raised around farming. Jake's family raised cattle and Mallory's grew wheat. We were both raised to work hard in a small farming community.

We attended college, got married, purchased our first home and instantly craved more space than our small city square. We purchased a few cows which are kept on the family farm. We sold our first home and purchased our home down the lane - an acre down a half mile long dirt lane. Here we started a larger garden and got a few chickens.

If you have heard of chicken math then you know what happened to us. We went from 4 chickens to 16 in 1 year... we have talked about getting bees and Mal would love to do a garden expansion.

Mallory loves DIY and woodworking which sparked her opening her Etsy shop in 2013 and sharing handmade goods for your home. Jake is a jack of all trades and has learned plumbing, electrical and more. We can't wait to see what the future hold and where it will take us!

- The Pups of the Lane - 

Heeler/ Australian Cattle Dog
Born August 2013
Black Labrador Retriever
Born May 2014
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