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Growing Tomato Plants from Fresh Tomatoes

I recently read that you could grow new tomato plants by simply planting a fresh tomato slice and watering it. I was a little skeptical. I assumed that the slice would just mold. On March 10th I sliced up a left over tomato from the grocery store and tossed it into some cups to see what would happen.

On March 20th while watering our plants I discovered that they had sprouted! Tons of little plants had popped through the soil! I had used clear cups to see what would happen and will have to transplant the little seedlings soon.

Update - March 25th
Within days I had tons of little plants filling my cups and decided it was time to transplant them.
On March 24th I transplanted them to paper pots.

I cannot believe how quickly these little guy multiplied! I transplanted 60 - 2 per pot to thin again later - leaving me with 30 of the seedlings. I cannot wait to see them continue to grow!

Update - 
July 30th
These little plants are getting huge! We even have our first blooms! These little guys took a while to take off so I added some Jobe's fertilizer stakes and within a week they had doubled in size. I have a few of them spread around the yard.

Our fertilizer spikes were $3.33 on Amazon for 18 spikes. This was my first time using those little spikes and so far I have been very happy with them!
This guy definitely needs more root space. But for this summer with the added fertilizer he sure is thriving and I can't wait to get my first tomatoes from him!

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