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Resources for Growing Your Own Food

As we roll through another weekend of Covid-19 craziness I wanted to share some a couple of resources I have seen this week about growing your own food.


1. Idaho Victory Garden

Grow at your own pace, online! In response to the disruption of “normal life” in so many communities, we are releasing our popular Idaho Victory Garden content as a self-guided, self-paced, 10 section online course, featuring activities, video lectures, handouts, readings and more. This year, there is no registration required, no fee to take the course, and participants will have access to the material until December 2020.

2. How to Grow Your Own Food - Hosted by: Homesteaders of America

During WWI and WWII, people and communities were encouraged to plant Victory Gardens. Not only did it help people with their food rations, but it also helped create a sense of good morale and normalcy during the rough times. Believe it or not, this wasn't that long ago!

What a perfect time of year to start your very own Victory Garden, no matter where you live! Whether you're on a 1/4 acre in a subdivision, or a 100 acre ranch. We encourage you to take that step into growing your own food! Don't be discouraged if your first year is a bust. It's normal! But each year gets easier and easier. And, who knows, with our help, you might even be a pro the first year!

Join us this coming Monday, March 23rd, for a week long series with so many amazing homesteading Youtubers. Fittingly, it's called the How to Grow Your Own Food series! And it's absolutely 100% FREE! On YouTube!

Make sure you subscribe to the Homesteaders of America YouTube channel and hit the notification bell so that you're notified of each morning's new video!


Clicking on the headers will take you straight to these resources. I hope you find them helpful! There is so much great information out there on the world wide web these days! Happy Growing!

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