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Marketplace Dresser to Porch Cat House!

We have a lot of outdoor cats. I refer to them as barn cats. We have them to catch rodents. When we bought this house I knew we'd need rodent control. The property had a lot of junk on it and had been vacant for a few years.

We now have at least 8 ranging from a few years old to a couple kittens. They all like to hang out on the porch but I have always hated plastic cat houses. I want a cute porch. Can ya blame me?

I looked all over Pinterest and combined a few ideas in my head. I hopped on Facebook Marketplace and found a dresser for $75.

Next stop was the local Ace for some paint and we headed home. 

Dresser before:

I took the bottom drawers out, grabbed a hammer and knocked the drawer part off of the drawer front.

I also removed the drawer slides and any hardware or boards inside that would be in the cats way.

The paint color I picked was Springfield Sage. I love this color and will definitely be using it on more projects.

Once everything was disassembled I removed the handles and layed everything out to paint. I lightly sanded it but since our porch is so protected I didn't worry about this step to much.

I cut a half circle hole in the far end with the jigsaw to use as a cat door and painted everything green.

I layed all the hardware out on a board and spray painted it black.

Once everything was dry I reattached the hardware to the drawer fronts. I then put wood glue on the back of the drawer fronts and nailed them back onto the front of the dresser. 

This left most of the inside empty for the cats to use as their house. The top drawers are still regular functional drawers that I can use to store items such as bug spray and plant clippers on the porch. 

I layed a piece of left over carpet from the house inside and the kittens moved right in and snuggled up for a nap!

The door on the front allows us access into the cat house portion of the dresser. I love that I now have a cute porch piece and the cats have a warm house for winter!

The real debate has been if we should lightly distress it to show off all the character. I vote yes and the hubs votes no. What do you think? Distress or leave?

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